Exercising Restraint

One of Linda’s favorite movies is The Long Long Trailer, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0047191/.  The newlyweds collect rocks as they travel across country in their trailer.

In our newlywed years of travel, we collected mugs…20160325_163840.jpg

and refrigerator magnets.

Linda continues to add to her postcard collection that started as a child.


Some of her postcard purchases are mailed to friends and loved ones, and others are scrapbooked memories. Rob usually purchases a t shirt for his souvenir.

Although we both enjoy a good browse in a souvenir gift shop, we really tried to exercise restraint from accumulating a mass of items that require care, and upkeep as well as deplete our wallet of necessary operating funds.



One thought on “Exercising Restraint

  1. Sheri Jones says:

    Love the Long Long Trailer a true gem of a movie. I collect rocks from our travels but unlike Lucy I collect small stones not huge stones as she did


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