Not Kosher


Everyone has had a pork sandwich. As a resident of the mid atlantic states, we are used to a vinegar based BarBQ

Even as we approached the unpretentious brick facade of the highly recommended, Central BBQ ,the sweet aroma was wafting around the corner beckoning for us to come and join the others in the quick moving line.

During the short wait for the take out, the eclectic industrial galvenized walls are laden with local memorabilia. Although the casual atmosphere was inviting, we prefered to picnic along the banks of the muddy Mississippi River.

Perhaps you’ll agree that coleslaw is not just an accessory but the deal maker or deal breaker of a bar b q sandwich. This coleslaw was large chunk, creamy cole slaw with a hint of sweetness.

The wrapper was lick worthy. Leave no prisoners behind. But you dont have take my word for it. So the next time you find yourself in Memphis, drop in and see for yourself if dont agree?



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