The most important meal of the day..

After braving the early morning sub freezing temperatures witnessing a sunrise on the canyon walls, the El Tovar dining room is the perfect place to warm up and order breakfast.

At 3.95, we chose to forgo the hot coffee in lieu of H20.   We had previously had our warm beverage of coffee and cocoa at the hotel complimentary coffee bar.  There was also an in room coffee maker as well.

As you might expect, when you have a historic dining room that overlooks the grand canyon, it is not unreasonable to expect to pay a higher price because of it’s prime location.  
The dining room has a lovely ambiance, the massive stone fireplace and native art throughout.


We were grateful to have a prime table with picture window views of the the morning sun waking up the canyon and it’s visitors.

I figured  a high protein meal like a cheese omelet would be a wise choice to power me up for a long  day of sight seeing and walking.  However, I was intrigued  by the pancake trio; blue corn, buckwheat and buttermilk.  served with pine nut butter and a side of prickly pear syrup.

20160317_104703.jpg I am a fan of buckwheat pancakes.  The blue corn pancake was interesting with a strong gritty texture.  I was grateful that I hadn’t followed through with ordering a stack of the blue corn because I think it may have been overkill on gritty texture.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at the rich comforting flavor of the classic buttermilk.  It was by far my favorite.  The pine nut butter sounded decadent but it turned out I wasn’t a fan of nuts in my butter or my pancakes.

The sweet/sour flavor of the prickly pear syrup was original and strong.  But I continued to use it for the pure novelty of a regional menu item.

I would like to add, that an additional pleasure was the that added to our dining experience was the graphic art deco dinner war.  It was available for purchase in the gift shop for a hefty price.


2 thoughts on “The most important meal of the day..

  1. Sheri Jones says:

    I have been there it is a truly lovely place with awe inspiring views I did not get to enjoy the menu though but did enjoy the views.


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