Cadillac Ranch

We were making good time, when Rob queries aloud, “Why do you think all those cars are lined up on the other side of that service road?”  We both lean to get a closer look and simultaneously shriek, “Cadillac Ranch! as we zoomed past.

The line of spray painted , half burried cars, set a ways back from the road, so had it not been for the line up of cars along the road side, we might near have missed it.


We immediately took the very next exit, to back track.  You can’t come this close to the infamous novelty and not take the time to stop


We only left our foot prints & took only pictures, however, if you are ever in the vicinity of this iconic piece of Americana, bring along a can of spray paint and leave your legacy in Amarillo,Texas.


One thought on “Cadillac Ranch

  1. Gina says:

    Awesome! I didn’t realize people spray paint the cars when they visit there. Glad you’re convincing Rob to get off the beaten path. 😉


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