Tender Greens

If you like trendy, fresh & fast, then you’ll want to visit Tender Greens. http://www.tendergreens.com

Although there are several locations, we dined at the Santa Monica location.

The line, that was out the door, moved swiftly enough.  Since this was our first time, it gave us time to chat with our friend Wendy, a local who highly recommended that we meet here.  It also gave us a chance to peruse the menu.  The dilemma here: so many delicious sounding choices.  Although Linda has a weak spot for macaroni and cheese, and was highly tempted to order this comfort food, we also have a personal manifesto to try something that we can’t normaly order  when we are at home.  So Linda stayed with toasted pearl pasta with spring peas and a side of roasted asparagus.

After placing the order,  It is difficult to not second guess  the choices as you parade past all the other possible options.


The atmosphere is comfortable and casual.  The decor is playful and the wall art reminds me of our grown children’s current favorite animated show, Bob’s Burgers http://www.fox.com/bobs-burgers

Although we ate inside, there is also very appealing courtyard dining as well. In our personal opinion, the background music made it a little challanging to have a quiet conversation and didn’t really ad to the vibe of the space.

Linda was pleased with the roasted pearl pasta garnished with tender snow peas and mushrooms with a side of roasted asparagus.20160319_164533.jpg

Each of the several locations menu varies depending on avaiability.



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