Dinner and a Show

As the valet was parking our vehicle, at Iroha Sushi of Tokyo we were greeted us with this whimsical wall art as we approached the entrance to restaurant.


Shortly after being seated, we prepared for dinner with a ceremonial hand cleansing with steaming hot cloths.


First this


Followed by this


And then some of this


Although Linda agreed it looked grand if you like sushi, she is not a fan of most seafood so she went with her old stand by of teriyaki chicken.


And that’s when things got exciting.  A man carrying a palm size snake in his hand began to parade around the restaurant, forcefully showing the patrons and employees his snake.  When asked to leave, he became argumentative, obstinate an confrontational.  When he approached our table, Rob, firmly told him to “get that snake away from our food” with similar dramatic intensity as this scene from planet of the apes, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cdmqn9JIuzc.  Well maybe not quite as much drama, but he was clear and firm and the man with the snake did back away.

We were joined by many patrons, quickly departing the restaraunt.  While waiting on the valet, we witnessed the agitated man return into the restaraunt, this time with a 13 foot boa constrictor.

The authorities arrived promptly.


Who knew we would have front row seats for a news report that went viral.



p.s. no sushi was harmed in this incident

That’s Hollyweird for ya!


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