Finding The Sweet & Home in Alabama

As the retirement  clock continues to count down, we continue to take advantage of every opportunity travel.   So, when work calls the husband to Alabama,  the wife gladly comes along.  After a lunch visit with cousins in NC, we reached a half way point in South Carolina.   

We took advantage by visiting our recently relocated friends outside of Atlanta.  

When we arrived in Mobile, we discovered we were admist several thousand educators who were in town for the annual Mega Educators Conference. 

Part of the fun of traveling is discovering memorable eating experience.  Mobile provided a few of these experiences. 

Since we failed to make a reservation, our first attempt to eat at Kitchen on George gave us a single choice of dining at the bar. Instead we made reservations to return the following night.  

Thus, we headed over to grab some local BarBQ, at Saucey’s.  Sadly, were dumbfounded, to find it was closed and locked for the evening at 7pm.

The following evening,  we arrived  at Kitchen on George as planned.

Aside from the hipster allure of being a ‘farm-to-table’ restaurant, it’s charm begins by being set in an traditionally, southern neighborhood of Oakleigh Gardens Historic District.  

The menu had several delectable sounding choices.   Rob and I agreed to start by sharing a salad.

The Alabama goat cheese was smooth and complimented the slivered pears and pecans garnishing the greens.  

After warm bread dipped in plated olive oil, our server promptly brought our meals.

Rob ordered the pontchartrain special; red drum filet on a bed of jumbaliah accompanied by shrimp in cream sauce. The red drum was fresh and clean.  The spicey zing of the jumbalyah was cooled by the creamy shrimp sauce.

Although the stuffed zucchini sounded tempting, Linda ordered the only seafood she will eat- Salmon. 

It was not too dry, tender and mouth watering.  The roasted marinated asparagus had been artisianly sliced lengthwise.  The augratin turnip was a novel side dish.

Origanally we planned to forgo desert.  Our bellies were full and our pallets, content.  However,we reconsidered after learning the desert menu choices.  We declined the regional favorite of key lime and opted to share a genetous serving of creme brule.

A wise choice; it was light, velvety smooth with a sweet crunch of the carmelized topping. The creamy flavor lingered well after we payed the check and finished the evening walking around the neighborhood,  admiring the lavish southern porches and the spanish moss festooned trees.


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