Sky High Expectations Can Be Met At Dauphin’s

My dearest friend has always said that Linda  one of the few people who actually thinks she  should get what she pays for. As a couple, Linda and Rob have always defined themselves as frugal consumers who try to live within their means.

So it is unusual to find them dining in one of Mobile’s hotest dining locals

If Linda hadn’t queried, she never would have suspected that the 34th floor of this building had a spectacular dining experience waiting for them.

Being frugal minded, they would normally shy away from dining in an establishment in  a high price point.  But sometimes, it is worth it to pay a little more and get a little more in return.

Upon entering the R S A  building,  there is this awesome mardi gra beaded wall mural.

There is a rapid rising elevator that has a entertaining light show as it ascends to the 34th floor.

Rob invited his colleagues to join the merriment at the kitchen’s chef table at Dauphin’s

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to eat a sculpture, then order the pear salad with goat cheese.   However, it requires deconstructing to eat.  And the cheese had a strong bite to it. However, when compared  to the salad from the previous night at Kitchen on George, it paled.  Although it is entertaining to have food presented in such a decadent way, in the end, it has too be satisfying to eat as well.

At first, prior to being able to see into the box, one might think the waiter was offering cigars.

But alas, adding to the unique dining experience,  was the opportunity to select from a variety of steak knives.

Linda’s steak knife was served in her gourmet burger.

She definitely recommends a burger garnished with egg.

Although Rob has frequently had soft shell crab, never served in a grand presentation as this.

Although we were more than stuffed, we could not pass up desert from the flambe table.  

The finished product was delectable.

But oh wait.

There was still more.

Chilled,mint truffles…

Naturally, they, won’t dine like this every night of their travels.  But there is no doubt that they will be unlikely to forget this memorable meal shared with colleagues and friends.


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