Exceeding Expectations

Heeding a recommendation, from Linda’s cousin, we found ourselves driving through the charming town of Fairhope, Alabama http://www.cofairhope.com. It’s wrought iron balconies are remoniscant of New Orleans French quarter.

The village streets are festooned with colorful whether from abundant blooming plants or expansive wall murals.

Colorful wall mural

We continued our drive meandering along the canopy of trees till we reached Point Clear http://pointclear.alabama.com.

This Marriott property http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/ptlal-grand-hotel-marriott-resort-golf-club-and-spa/  far exceeded our expectations. The lovely grounds are groomed beautifully.

Entering the Grand Hotel  with stained glass date of  1847 is a reminder of the historic significance  http://www.marriottgrand.com/gulf-coast-resort/History-3.html of impressive local.

This historic building made us feel as if we were in one of the grand lodges at a national park.

We were given the best seat in the house overlooking the water, for dinner at The Grand Steakhouse http://www.marriottgrand.com/restaurants-dining/Grand-Steakhouse-16.html.

The on site garden provides fresh ingredients for several on site restaurants

You know it a fancy – schamncy restaurant when the drink glasses wear a skirted doily.


Every detail, right down to the bread served in custom crocks featuring the iconic trees,  not only looked great, but was melt in your mouth, stop the presses, write home yo mama about it good!

We usally don’t order appetizers,  however, the home made cured, glazed bacon sounded intriging.

Bacon served with rye toast and poached egg yolk, garnished with a vanilla bean.

Such a variety of tatse , flavors and textures kept our palate curiously engaged.


Although though known for steak, Rob suggested the parmesan risotto for Linda.  It was creamy and had a robust flavor.


Rob’s steak didn’t even need the accompanying dipping sauce.

We were pleasantly surprised when our waiter brought this complimentary plate of sweets. Despite our claims that we were too full for desert, we somehow managed to muster up the strength to end the meal with a traditional southern favorite – praline pecans.

For the frugal minded diners like the Rob and Linda, every once and a while, it is best to enjoy the experience and ambiance and not try to  scrutinize every little penny spent. #wellworthit

After dinner, a stroll along the perimeter of the grounds watching the vibrant sunset was the final touch to a perfect evening.



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