Roaming around Rome

After saying Arriverdeci to Gaeta, Rob and Linda arrived at The Marriott outside of Rome.
The Balcony view of St. Peter’s Vatican was surreal.


For 3 euros, and a 20 minute hotel shuttle bus ride, Rob and Linda found themselves outside the perimeter of the Vatican City.


The shops along were lined with several air conditioned souvenir shops with the predictable ticky – tacky – knicky – knacky  tchatkeys, like thimbles, key chains, salt and pepper shakers, t-shirts, etc…of iconic Italian landmarks.




As they made their way across the bridge, in search of The Collesium, they were intised by the attractiveness of the narrow, European cobblestoned side streets.


So they indulged their wanderlust and Linda in particular was fascinated by the genuine authentic-ness of the artisan smattering of shops that were tucked intermittently  among charming, yet historically rich architecture.


They discovered authentic leather craftsman by going off the beaten path.





Not surprisingly, for Linda this experienced actually surpassed the iconic landmarks like the Collesium


and Trevi Fountain.



The next day…in search of maintaining their authentic, Italian experience, Linda and Rob were pleasantly surprised when they walked from the Marriot to Taverna Sacchetti


It was highly recommended on reviews.  When they arrived at 6pm, at first it looked like it was closed, however, the door was open.  They were the only ones there. There was no sign of anyone.
Their voice seemed to echoed when they queried “Bon Giornio”.  Seconds later, an adult man wearing a pepsi t-shirt, entered quickly and gestured for them to sit anywhere.  He was dressed in denim shorts.  He abruptly to take their order.  Meanwhile, another family of four also entered the ristorante and he also took their order, sans paper and pencil.  To their surprise and delight, this man is not only the waiter, but was apparently the cook as he could be seen him filling pots of water to cook spaghetti.  It got  even better, when he began to crank sheets of pasta through a pasta maker for Linda’s fetticini.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.36.13 PM (1)

Without a doubt – this couldn’t be a more authentic Italian dining experience.



Exercising Restraint

One of Linda’s favorite movies is The Long Long Trailer,  The newlyweds collect rocks as they travel across country in their trailer.

In our newlywed years of travel, we collected mugs…20160325_163840.jpg

and refrigerator magnets.

Linda continues to add to her postcard collection that started as a child.


Some of her postcard purchases are mailed to friends and loved ones, and others are scrapbooked memories. Rob usually purchases a t shirt for his souvenir.

Although we both enjoy a good browse in a souvenir gift shop, we really tried to exercise restraint from accumulating a mass of items that require care, and upkeep as well as deplete our wallet of necessary operating funds.